Uploading Images

There are 2 ways you can upload and insert images into your page:

  1. Using the Image Tokens that appear in the Page  or  from the content box
  2. Uploading images into the upload directory and inserting them into the body section.**Update**

Edit Image

The Image token allows you to add a new image, change an existing image, or remove an image from the page as it relates to the image token.

  • If there is an existing image it will be displayed in the Preview Area
  • To select a new image from images that you have already uploaded you can select an image from the list or type in the name in the Type to Find field to find it in the list.
  • To select one of the OLA Library Images type in the image name or a descriptive term to see if there is a match.
  • Select From a preset width from the Width Drop Down menu.
  • Select No Image to remove any images from the image token

In the Style section you can set some specific attributes that relate to this image:

  • Border width: this sets a border around the image.
  • Border Color: sets the color of the border
  • Horizontal Spacing: margin to the right and left of the image
  • Vertical Spacing: Margin above and below the image
  • Max Size: Sets the max size for the larges side of the image
  • Alignment: center, right or left align the image
  • CSS Class: Create a custom CSS class for manipulating images via CSS
  • CSS ID: Create a custom CSS ID for manipulating images via CSS

The Second way to upload images is through the Upload link in the links bar just under the main navigation tabs in your OLA / Levelfield account.

Click the upload button under the search box to pull up the upload images window

From the upload images you can then upload 10 images.  From the Choose File window select the image you want to upload and click the open button:

Once you have uploaded the image it can be used under an existing image token or inserted into the body section using the Insert Edit image button.  To use the insert-edit image token you will need to know the URL of the image once it has been uploaded.  You can get the image URL by right clicking on the view link on the right side of the image listing and clicking copy shortcut:

Now in the Body Token click the Insert / Edit image icon and enter the url for the image you want to insert:

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