The dashboard is the central hub of your account and provides access to various modules for your account:

Your Account section

  • Pages of Content: This is the link to the Editing Platform where you can make changes to your website.
  • Business Types: Select the types (Cruise Suppliers, Tour Operators, etc for travel; Lodging, Real Estate, Attraction, Service, Restaurant for Associates.  Does not apply to small General business or Restaurant sites).
  • Suppliers: (Travel Agents only)  Select and view information about the suppliers that appear on your site.
  • Promotions: (Travel Agents, Travel Suppliers, Associations, and Chambers only): Promotions built in your account.
  • Reports: Access Traffic Stats for your website, hits and visitors and page views.
  • Visit Your website: A link to visit your site from outside the editing platform
  • General Google Sitemap (not available on all accounts): Generates an XML file of page links for submission to

Your Wizards

The wizards are utilities that allow you to manage your website. 

  • Account Wizard: Manage Account information including phone numbers, email contact information, etc.
  • Preferences and Forms Wizard: Configures site preferences and form field options
  • Suppliers Wizard (Travel Only): Include and feature specific suppliers and rank top suppliers
  • Activities & Interests and Destinations Wizard(Travel Only): Allows you to exclude specific types of travel and exclude destinations that you do not want to sell.
  • Promotions Wizard: Build Promotions based on Supplier or Agency content(Travel Only). Build Promotions based on Member of your Association(Chambers and Associations).
  • Search Engine Optimization Wizard(not available on all accounts): Adds meta tags and keywords to your pages

Your Account

Manage the users for your account, view your info requests, and edit your newsletter.

  • Address: Shows the main address we have on file for your account.
  • Account Type: Displays the Account type for your Subscription
  • Users: User Accounts for those with access to your Online Agency account.
  • Guestbook: Displays the number of guests registered with your site
  • Info Request: The number of Information Requests received in your Account
  • Edit your Newsletter: A link to edit your newsletter.

Your Support

  • Submit a Support Request
  • View open support requests
  • View our Help Documentation
  • View available training courses
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