Creating Promotions and Banners for your members is a way that you can generate additional revenue from your website.  The amount you charge for the advertising space is up to you and Levelfield does not collect monies for you or charge any percentage of your advertising fees. We simply provide this as an option.

To create a Promotion for your Member you will start of by clicking the link for the promotion wizard on the dashboard.

Once you are in the promotions wizard you will select between a Single Promotion and a Blanket Promotion:

  • Single Promotion: Promotes a single member
  • Blanket Promotion: Creates a promotion for a group of members

In most cases you will select a Single Promotion then select the Category for the specific member:

The next screen allows you to build the information that will be displayed in the promotion:

  • Promotion Name: Usually the name of the business
  • Description: The Teaser information displayed on the search page
  • Image: Any Image you want to include in the promotion
  • Promotion Dates: Enter the start and stop date for the promotion to appear on your website
  • Disclaimer: includes any disclaimer that needs to be included in the offering.

You can then create the Promotion Detail page:

  • Title: The name of the business is typically used there
  • Body: Text for the full promotion
  • Image: Any additional image you want included

Promotions will typically show up on the Right or Left column in your Category Search Pages(services promotions show up on Services searches etc). You can also create an area on your homepage for promotions if desired. You might need to contact the support team about formatting if you have not used promotions in the past there might be some additional formatting that needs to be done!

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