Online Agency Promotions Contest

What is this contest all about?

The purpose of this contest is to provide added incentive to the Online Agency Travel network agents to build custom promotions in their account.

Why would we want to build custom promotions?

Over the years the agents that have enjoyed the most success have been the ones that have used the tools provided in our system.  The sites that get the most traffic and information requests are regularly the ones that build the most custom promotions in their site.

But doesn't it take a long time to build a promotion?

Not at all.  Sure, at first it might take a little more time but once you have built a few promotions it will take just a matter of minutes.   This link will help guide you through the promotion building process:


What are the contest rules?

You must build a minimum of 5 promotions using the Promotions Wizard in your Online Agency Account during the calendar month.

Promotions must be well formed including the following:

  • Full Teaser Box information:  Title and Short Description of the promotion
  • Promotion must appear on the agency website during the month it was built to qualify
  • Promotion must include valid dates and pricing (blanket promotions do not need a price)
  • Promotion content must include customized text

What determines the winner?

We will select one winner randomly from all of the agencies that qualify for the contest.

Agencies can only win once per calendar year.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive the following

  • Three free months of service
  • 50% discount off the cost of a New Look Upgrade (Regular Price $379.00 will be discounted to $189.00) or a 3 month service credit (for non-hosted or those that do not want a design upgrade)
  • We will feature that agency's promotions and profile on

 Even if you are not the winner you will greatly benefit from this contest.  Building your own promotions is the most effective way to add new, relevant and unique content to your website.  By regularly adding this content you will improve your search engine presence and potentially attract more traffic to your website. 

Who is eligible to participate?

In order to participate in the contest you must:

  • Be a full member of Online Agency (either Annual or Monthly)
  • You can be either a Hosted or Content Only customer
  • Host Agency Affiliate accounts are not eligible for this contest.
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