The Traffic Reports section has very similar reports and the Current Reports from the Traffic Summary section on the previous page.

  • Views and Visitors: Shows traffic for the past 30 days
  • Hits and referrers: Shows the Referring URLS and the Pages they went to as well as the Search Engine and Search Query data. This is a one day display where you can select the specific date.
  • Hits from IP address: lets you search for specific hits from an IP Address. Useful for confirming Pay Per Click clicks.
  • Page View summary: is the Year to Date graphical view of your Travel
  • Top Referrers: shows you what the Top Referrers to your site are and the number of Referred hits.
  • Hits from Referrer: Shows you hits from a specific domain or website.
  • Search Engines: shows you hits from search engines in a pie chart format also gives network comparisons.
  • Search Keywords: shows the keywords that were search on the search engine to find your site
  • Search Hits:  Shows the search Engine and Query for the specific page found.
  • Search Hits Summary: Shows data about hits form specific search engines by date range
  • Operating Systems/Browsers: Shows which OS and Browsers are coming to your site.
  • Screen Resolution: Shows the screen resolutions of the hits on your site.
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