If your website is not mobile friendly there is two approaches to fix that problem:

  1. Add a "stand-alone" mobile site
  2. Convert your existing site to a mobile responsive website.

A "stand-alone" mobile site is a site that sits adjacent to your existing site and when a mobile browser is detected the visitor is redirected to the mobile site.

A mobile responsive site is a single site that changes based on the device that the visitor is using.

So which is better for you? That dependson your site. A big content rich site that is not responsive can be very costly to retrofit or it might not. A site assessment would need to be done to look at the structure of your existing site in order to properly advise. When a responsive site would not be viable the "stand-alone" mobile will still pass Googles site test for mobile friendliness. All things being equal the responsive site is a better option as you only manage the content in one place.

Online Agency has been offering "stand-alone" sites for a few years now and are in the final stages of the first version of a responsive framework that should be ready in a month or so.

Since we feel it is critical for our clients to move to a mobile site immediately we are currently offing our "stand-alone"mobile website for $150.00 and that $150.00 will be applied to as a full credit if your decide to upgrade to a resposive site within 12 months of its release date.

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