Member levels allow you a great deal of flexibility in managing your membership:

  • Create a Member Leads directory and have their membership information in place but not available in the search results
  • Hide contact information (Telephone, Email, Website) on specific member levels
  • Change the Background color in the listings for a specific membership level
  • Include a default icon for a specific membership level
  • Restrict the number of pages that can be created by member level
  • Restrict Editing capabilities for a specific level
  • Allow members in a specific Level the ability to feed their events into the events calendar on the chamber site

You can create member levels from the Member Levels link under the Members tab in your Levelfield Account:

Simply click the new button then fill out the form to create the new member level.

Once you have created one or more member levels you can set the members that are in each level from the Main Members Directory Tab in your Levelfield Account:

Click the Select Box that appears to the right of the member listing in your Levelfield Account and click the Set Level button

click image for full size view

Then for each selected member set the Member Level. Note that you can set multiple members to a single level at one time.  Also each member can only belong to one membership level.

Once you have set the membership level the attributes that apply to that member level are applied to the live site. In this example you can see the Platinum Level has a different color scheme and they show up at the top of the listing:

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