The Guest book is accessible through the Manage Guests link under the Email Marketing tab in your Online Agency account. Through the guest book you can see information about the guests that have registered through your website.

You can use the search function above the list to search for specific guests that match search criteria. 

From the Guests list you can see the following information for each guest:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Source of registration
  • Opt-in IP Address
  • Trust Level (shows the opt-in status)
  • Newsletter: A dark check mark indicates that they can received the newsletter.  A light check mark indicates that they have not completed the Opt-in process.

The Special Guest attribute can be set by selecting the check box at the end of the Guest name and then clicking the button at the bottom of the lists. This can be used in conjunction with Special Guest Protected pages and Select Attributes when sending out email campaigns.

You can also use the export function to export all guests or define an export list but using the search function to export a partial list of guests.

Adding New Guests

To add a new guest click the  New button at the top of the sceen.

You must include a minimum of the email address and create a password that your guest can use to access their profile.  YOU CAN NOT BYPASS THE PASSWORD REQUIREMENT.

When you enter a new guest they will be sent a confirmation email letting them know that they have been added to the database. This email contains an opt-in line for them to confirm their registration.  You can customize the introduction  of the Guest Opt-in Email by clicking the Custom Text button at the top of the manage guests screen.  Here is the text of the email:

Dear Guest name,

Your intro [This blank if you do not add a custom into]

Your account name has recently added your name to our database of registered guests. In an effort to better serve you we would like your permission to send you our email newsletter, offered to you compliments of Your account name.

Your account name is very respectful of your privacy and has a strict policy against sending unsolicited email (spam). Therefore, if you wish to receive our newsletter, you must click the link below to complete the subscription process. If you do not subscribe, you will not receive future emails from this server.

To confirm your subscription, simply click this link (if necessary, copy and paste this link into your browser):

Subscribe link [this is a unique opt-in link for this guest]

After you complete your subscription, you will be directed to our web site. While using our site, you may click the Profile link and login with your email address and the following password:

Guest password

While on our web site, feel free to update your profile or change your password as needed. Your information will always be kept in strictest confidence by our web site and will not be sold or distributed to any other company. And, of course, you may remove yourself from our mailing list at anytime.

Kindest regards,
Your account name

Please visit us often at our web site: Your URL

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