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  • Weekly Update 10-21 Building Promotions

    10/21/2009 11:13:45 AM Link |  | Add comment

    weekly update

    Building Promotions

    In addition to the stock promotions that suppliers add to our system you can create customized promotions for your own custom tours, packages, groups or group space on a particular cruise.

    There are 2 types of promotions you can build:
    * Type 1 Promotions: These are promotions that are based on either supplier content such as an existing Cruise Itinerary, Vacation Package, Resort Property, Vacation Home, or Tour Itinerary. You can also build a Type 1 promotions for your own custom tour or vacation package or for a cruise that is not a member of our network.
    * Type 2 Promotions: These are promotions that are based on Destinations or Things to Do.

    Type one promotions are the most common promotions that both supplier and agents build in our system. There are also 2 kinds of Type 1 promotions:
    * Single promotion: Promotes special pricing or dates for a specific itinerary, lodging, or resort i.e. A single supplier's specific cruise itinerary to Alaska
    * Blanket Promotion: Promotes special pricing or dates for a group of itineraries or properties i.e. All available cruises to Alaska for a particular supplier during a specific month

    Type 2 promotions are less seldom used and are based on either a destination or an activity and interest page.

    Regardless of the type of promotion you chose to create, all promotions are built through the promotions wizard link on the main Dashboard.


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