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Welcome to the Levelfield / Online Agency Help site. This site is designed to help you get the answers to the most common questions our customers have while working on their sites. If you can not find the answer to your question please start a dialogue with our support team using the chat box at the top right of the page or send an email to support@onlineagency.com.

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  • How can I set up a Vacation Responder in my OLA / Levelfield hosted email account?

    9/19/2008 11:49:25 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Email Account

    You can manage your email account information including Vacation Messages, Forwarding Address and Aliases from the Manage Email Accounts Link under the Account Tab in your OLA / Levelfield account.  From the list of email accounts click on the account name that you want to edit and then you can enter the text into the Vacation Message field and click save.  To remove the vacation message simply remove the text in the vacation message box and click save. For more information about Managing your Email Account see the Help Documentation.

  • Can I enter custom HTML into my web page?

    9/17/2008 1:07:00 PM Link |  | Add comment


    You can add custom html into your page by clicking into the Body Token [Body] and then clicking the Source Button in the HTML Editor Tool Bar.  You can not past the html directly into the Editor as it will render the html code as entered rather than interpret the html code as desired.  Also, if your html code includes form tags or script tags you will not have access to the html editor once you save the body section. If your code includes those elements we suggest that you use the Content Box function to add a new body section to past your custom HTML code into.

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