The Levelfield CMS builds sites using a pure CSS mode.  Only in rare cases is any data contained in Tables.  The CSS Engine can be accessed from the Style link available in the Navigation links at the top of the Pages of Content. 

All of the Site wide style codes are contained in the lf_styles.css file that is generated based on the contents of the following sections:

  • Reset: removed many default behaviors for html elements
  • Structure: Contains the CSS for the Site Structure
  • Color: Contains code for the colors used in the site. This is used in conjunction with the color palettes in the basic settings area.
  • Font: Contains the fonts used in the site
  • Content: Style codes used for the Content division
  • Header: Style codes used for the Header Division
  • Footer: Style codes used for the Footer Division
  • Navigation: Styles used for the Navigation Division
  • Extra: Style codes used for the Extra Division
  • Search: Style codes used for the Search Boxes and Search Results in Association, Travel Sites, and E-Commerce Sites.
  • Forms: Style codes used in the Forms Pages
  • Custom: Style codes for custom elements in a particular site

There is also some legacy behind the scenes css that is auto generated and added to the lf_style.css sheet.  You can zero all of this out be removing all styles codes from each form and selecting the following options in each sheet:

  • Add/Replace: Replace the generated CSS section with this CSS
  • Status: Active

The individual style segments are for convenience. If you leave each blank and active you can then use Custom or any style section to paste in your own code for the entire site.

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