Levelfield provides email accounts with a storage of 40mb per account for up to 10 accounts as part of our basic service(some accounts do have a larger quota but that is not a service we are currently offering.). 

Once your account reaches its quota we reserve the right to refuse to accept new messages for the account that is over quota.  The reason for this is that people that abuse the storage quota system take resources away from users that do not abuse the system.

On October 1st 2011 we will start enforcing the MailBox Quota.  Any email account that is over quota will have messages bounced back to the sender with a MailBox full message.

For specific steps on setting your mail client or manually removing your email  from the server click the link below that represents the mail program that you use to access your email.  If you use a program not listed below please consult the help documentation for your mail client.

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