Your Online Agency and Levelfield account includes an email marketing component that allows you to keep in tough with your customers and potential customers.  Our system features a Double Opt-in function keeping in step with regulations specified by ant-spam regulations and the Commercial Email policies set forth by major ISPs such as AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Comcast, TimeWarner/Roadrunner, Cox Communications, Verizon as well as other email service providers.

Email Campaigns can be sent one timer per week where no two Campaigns can be sent within 7 days of each other.  This means that if you send a campaign on Monday you can not send another Campaign until the following Monday.  Likewise a Campaign sent on Saturday of week 1 can not be resent until Saturday of week 2.

Campaigns can be sent in one of the following Formats:

  • OLA / Levelfield HTML Template
  • Your own HTML Code
  • Plain Text
  • Custom Page Content

Once a Campaign has been sent you can view campaign reports to see the number of people that  we sent the Campaign (we can not report about final recipients. If your Campaign is marked as spam by a provider it would be included in the sent list).  If your Campaign has links to pages in your site or external links you can also track the click through. We also provide a total number of bounced emails for each Campaign.


In order to received your newsletter recipients must be in your guestbook and marked to receive the newsletter.  Guests can be eligible to receive the newsletter from on of the following methods:

  • The registered on your site through one of the available guest registration methods and completed the double-opt-in process
  • Through an information request they indicated they wanted to receive your newsletter and completed the double opt-in process.
  • You entered them manually though the Manage Guests Link in the Email Marketing section of your OLA / Levelfield Account
  • They were imported into your account through our Guest Import Program.

The links below go into detail about the Email Marketing functionality.

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