To access the Email Marketing module click the email marketing Tab in the top navigation area in your OLA / Levelfield Account.

Basic Accounts have one campaign that can be edited for each weekly send out.  Customized Travel Accounts, Small Business Custom Sites  and Association/Chamber  Accounts can create multiple newsletters.  To edit a campaign Click the Campaign Name. In the case of basic accounts click Newsletter:

Click the Edit button to start editing the Campaign.

The first time you edit a campaign you will start the Email Campaign Wizard from the starting point where you must first confirm your Physical Unsubscribe Address.  The Federal Commercial Anti-Spam Act requires that we include a physical unsubscribe address where recipients can contact you through the US Mail System to be removed from your mailing list.  Without this address we can not send out your campaign.

Once you have confirmed your address click the Next button to proceed

The Format menu allows you to select from the HTML templates or a Plain Text Template. Because the Plain Text is self explanatory we  will use the HTML Template for detailed examples.

Once you have selected the template you want to use click the Next Button:

Editing the Newsletter is much like editing a page in your OLA / Levelfield Account.  There are a series of editing tokens that you can click to edit specific regions within the template:

Image Token:  Allows you to include your own pictures in the newsletter.

Text Token:  Allows changing the Text of a specific area in the selected template

Address Token: This token allows you to select the display address. The addresses available under this token are set up in the Account General information section of your Online Agency / Levelfield Account.

Phone Token: This token allows setting the Telephone Number that is displayed in the Newsletter. The phone numbers listed under this token are set in the Account --> General --> Telephone section of Your OLA / Levelfield Account

Email Address Token: This token allows setting the Display Email Address for your newsletter. The email addresses listed under this token are set under the Account --> General section of your OLA / Levelfield Account.

URL Token: This token includes the URL for your site. The url listed here is set through the Account --> General --> External URL for your OLA / Levelfield Account

Promo Token: The promo token allows you to select account promotion to be sent via your newsletter. The Promotion sources can be promotions built in your account (all accounts) or from Supplier Promotions (Travel Agents only).  Promotions in general  are a function designed for our Travel Customers and our Associate/Chamber accounts.

The Subject field specifies the subject use in the email subject line.

Accent Color is the color for borders and separators and the background color for promotions.

Group Color is the background color for group headings in promotion listings

Group Text is the Text color in the Group headings for promotions

Body Text is the color of the text used in Text Tokens in the newsletter.

Accent Text is the color of the text in the promotion listing.

The Who menu allows you to select what guests will receive your newsletter:

All Guests: This sends the campaign to all guests that are eligible to receive your newsletter.

Select Guest Attributes: This sends the campaign to guests who match the specific criteria. 

The When menu allows you to set the scheduling options:


  • One time only: Sends once, with no repeating sending schedule
  • Repeating Frequency allows you to set up a sending schedule
  • Do not send is a draft only status

Start Date: Sets the start date for your schedule or one time send out.

Promotions  Check: Prevents a newsletter from going out if no promotions are selected. This is the default for Travel Sites but no is the default for all non-travel customers.

Reminder: Allows you to receive a reminder up to 7 days before your campaign is sent.

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