Content Box

The content box is a function of the editing platform that allows you to add different elements to your pages dynamically as needed.  The most common items that can be added to a content box are:

  • Body Tokens
  • Image Tokens
  • Title Tokens
  • Sub-title Tokens
  • Link Boxes
  • Promotion Boxes
  • Extras
  • Grouped items (Subtitle, Image, Body etc.)

Before you can add an element to a content box though you must first create a content box, if one is not already in the page where you need to add new elements.  Content Boxes can be created by converting Tokens such as Body tokens, Image Tokens, Services Tokens, and Pages Tokens.

Once you have converted an existing token to a content box you will have the following icon on your page:  Clicking the Box Token will bring you into the Edit Content Box screen.

You can then add elements to the page from the pull down menu. Enter the number of items you want to add then click the new button. Once you have added the elements click the OK button and your new editing tokens are available to use.

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