Spammers are getting more and more aggressive in stealing email accounts as email processors such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are getting more aggressive at blocking them.  While this is good for reducing spam it is bad for us as it is resulting in an indcrease in the number of accounts we are seeing compromised.  The pages linked under this will contrain the monthly updates for email accounts added to the Bad Email Users list. Below are some definitions that might also be helpful:

  • SASL Block:  Outbound email has been turned off from SMTP Only.  The user has full access to webmail. 
  • Password Block: This means that both Webmail and POP/SMTP have been blocked becuase of a Major Compromise.  Resetting the passwsord to a secure password should automatically clear the block.
  • Compromised Account:  If an email account has been compromised and SASL Block has been put in place then they must scan all computers that have access to that account for visus and then change the password.  Once that has been done we will put in a request with the data center to remove the block.
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