Click the Account Set up Wizard to start setting up your account properties. The account set up wizard only needs to be gone through once as you can access the same information for updates from the Account tab in your Online Agency or Levelfeld account.

The first screen includes Company Information, Contact Information, Business Hours (informational only - not published on site) Reservations Information(Travel Only), Affiliates (Travel Only), and communications preferences.  Complete the information and press the next button at the bottom.

The next screen includes user information. You can create additional users who can log into your account and have access and privileges based on the assigned role:

Administrator: Can access all areas of the account and make any changes.  This is the authoritative person on the account or the Owner of the Account. Once a user is made administrator they must provide written consent for OLA / Levelfield to make another user the administrator of the account.

Subadministrator:  Same authority as the administrator. This role is best used for an account user that will manage the website but is not the principal owner of the website.

Content: Can login and edit content but can not edit account information

Email Administrator: Can login and manage email addresses but can not edit the website

Password access: This is used with the Password Protection option to secure pages from public view. This option is an add-on option that requires an additional fee.


The last screen is a simple confirmation screen.

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