Creating a New Blog

[Video: Blogging]

Before you can start blogging you need to create a blog page if one has not been already created in your account. Check the pages in your site map to see if you already have a blog page.  If you do you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Creating a Blog

The Levelfield Log is simply an object that can be added to any page using the Content Box function.  You can add it to any existing page or create a new page to add the blog to.  Click on the Body section and then in the upper right corner click the convent button to create the content box


Then from the Content Box Options screen select Log from the menu and click the new button:

Adding a Entry to your Blog

 Next Click the log button to open the Post Editor

A blog entry consists of the following elements:

  • Title
  • Post Content
  • Image
  • Categories (used for archival purposes)


[Video: Blogging]

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